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“Extraordinary” news coming in 2023!

As announced to some of our clients, 2023 will be a year of great “extraordinary” news! Now projected into the new era with the significant rebranding operation you’ve witnessed, we’re about to launch 2 new products, organize a special event dedicated to our clients, and introduce a surge of innovation to the market! Stay tuned, […]

eMinds & Friends

Join us in supporting research to defeat the Coronavirus eMinds & Friends ranking on 11.05.2020: 7109 out of 253049 Why? In this epidemic period, we at eMinds feel responsible for the well-being of others and we are committed to making our small contribution to the global community. That’s why we decided to support the Folding@home […]

eMinds for social

eMinds strongly believes in social commitment. Even and especially in a time of crisis, the value of a life remains immeasurable! That’s why we’ve chosen to support the non-profit organization Filomondo, which is dedicated to helping orphaned children in Siberia, so they can have hope for the future. The support is intended not only for […]

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