Software "extraordinary"
for the Business Travel sector

Imagine simplifying the times and methods of booking your business travel… imagine loading your choices with emotions and expectations… imagine an efficient but exciting service. You have imagined, as we have, that business travel is a generator of experiences.

Software solutions
for TMC

Designed to simply manage business trips, multi-service trips, and expense reports, eMinds software for Business Travel allows you to adapt and customize your company’s travel policies and simplify user interaction with the most innovative natural language processing (NLP) systems.

Self Booking Tool

With a strong integration capability with other systems, it allows you to purchase all travel services in a single booking process and compare prices available for flights and trains on the same route, in order to select the most cost-effective offer for the corporate client. It enables personalized management of corporate travel policies, including uploading negotiated rates, defining spending limits on flights and hotels, and flagging travel services as “in” and “out of policy”.

sbt is the

Simply Business Travel

“Manager” of your company

Some advantages

  • Flexibility and cost-saving
  • Advanced reporting
  • Travel risk manangement
  • Multi-user management
  • Multi-platform interface for hotels, flights, trains, services
  • Integration with your CRM, ERP, CMS…
  • Customization of basic configurations
  • “Inspiration” functionality

…and much more!

Easy Booking Interface

Brand new module integrated with SBT that allows direct interaction with the travel management platform through text recognition based on “natural language processing”, thus facilitating the request and booking process and speeding up the protocols normally required by travel booking software interfaces. A true revolution that propels us towards the future of AI-based virtual assistance.

ebi enables an

Extraordinary Business Interaction

in Travel Management

Some advantages

  • Ease of use
  • Response speed
  • High “Adoption Rate”
  • Streamlining booking processes
  • Versatility for use in large companies and SMEs
  • Automated permission management
  • PNR synchronization
  • Optimized interface for mobile devices
  • User profile recognition

…and much more!

Why choose
a eMinds
software ?

because we have 25 years of experience.

we constantly delve into the needs of our clients (TOs and their travel agencies for the Leisure sector and Companies and TMCs for the Business sector) and manage to anticipate their deep-seated needs.

because we study and innovate constantly

During which we have had a rich, continuous, and constant exchange of sharing with all sector operators, and today we are the leading among highly specialized IT companies in the Travel sector.

because, we can go even further

by adapting and customizing the software to all your new requests and enhancing performance with continuous releases that empower the product with the latest available technologies, allowing you to achieve increasingly better results.

because we aim to make our technology an extraordinary experience

interconnection, usability, intuitiveness, response speed... but what you will achieve are structured and detailed itineraries capable of immediately making your customers dream... triggering conversion.

Do you need an extraordinary software?

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