The objective of the “Feel at Home” project is to build a social and technological platform that makes every guest (tourist, …) feel at home: in other words, a platform that enables contact, experience, and interaction between locals (residents) and the numerous guests visiting our territory, specifically the Martina Franca area.

A characteristic feature of the project is its ethical dimension, which involves engaging the local community to bring together their energies to enliven the territory – offering visitors authentic and sometimes unprecedented experiences – and triggers, almost unwittingly, virtuous processes of new sociality and active participation that, thanks to the various innovative tools made available to society in this historical period, become a concrete opportunity for visitors.

In the Martina Franca area, a first census of people willing to offer, on a voluntary basis, knowledge – about typical aspects of the territory (traditions, food, fauna, flora, culture, …) – and assistance – for needs (doctors who speak the language of the guest, …) – has been carried out, and over 50 “locals” have already joined the project.

The intervention is co-financed under the Puglia ERDF-ESF 2014-2020 ROP – Sub-Action 1.4.B INNOLABS CALL “Support for the creation of innovative solutions aimed at specific problems of social relevance” – Feel at Home Project code UIKTJF3.

Allocated contribution € 104,068.85