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Join us in supporting research to defeat the Coronavirus

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In this epidemic period, we at eMinds feel responsible for the well-being of others and we are committed to making our small contribution to the global community. That’s why we decided to support the Folding@home project, which aims to understand how Covid-19 proteins work for the development of targeted therapies.

The Folding@home project was founded in America in 2000 and is based on “distributed computing”: thanks to a network of computers scattered around the world, the computing power of so-called supercomputers is increased. Through this international network of computers, computations performed by supercomputers are distributed across millions of PCs, speeding up their computing capacity. This computational power is used to support scientific research in studying the biochemical mechanisms of viruses.

But how can Folding@home accelerate the search for a cure like the coronavirus?
What is it

Riding the wave of the Folding@home project, we have decided to make our servers and computers available to donate computing hours to the scientific community and launch an initiative called “eMinds&Friends” aimed at expanding computing power by inviting friends who wish to join the eMinds team.

How to participate

If you also want to join us in the Folding@home network of computers and increase the chances of finding a solution against the coronavirus as quickly as possible, follow these steps:

  • download the application and install it click here
  • at the end of the installation, two pieces of information will be required:
    • Identity (enter your name and surname without spaces)
    • Team (enter the number 259182)

We invite everyone who would like to join the Folding@home project to contact us by writing to the email address covid19@eminds.it, and we will provide information and support for installing the software with which you will contribute to identifying therapies for Covid-19.