we adapt our software
by anticipating change

we adapt our software by anticipating change

The future of travel: a vision… “extraordinary”!

Extraordinary. Thinking about what the future of travel holds is undeniably, unequivocally, irretrievably… thinking… about something extraordinary! Artificial intelligence algorithms that will soon be able to understand the traveler’s interests even before they openly express them; interfaces with conversational engines capable of understanding human natural language in every form, acting as travel assistants and virtual companions on the app where every detail of one’s long-distance or business tour is described, circumscribed, and subject to tracking, feedback, and interaction; immersive systems in virtual reality that will make you experience the excitement of the trip you are about to purchase even before you’ve purchased it and… experienced it, allowing the competition plan to shift towards forms of specialization and skills of tour operators never before experienced… And all of this, within a few, very few years! Those who manage to arrive first, those who manage to ride the wave… will gain the competitive advantage in the market scenario of the next 5 and 10 years!

The scenario in numbers


Passengers/year dream and realize long-haul customized trips thanks to eMinds.


employees organize 160 thousand trips/year with our Self Booking Tools.


Tour Operator World Wide work better thanks to eMinds


DMC operate efficiently on a daily basis with our software

eMinds mission:extraordinary challenge!

In this scenario, eMinds has only one mission. Accompanying, supporting, and stimulating its clients towards continuous innovation, to ensure them anticipation and market share! We aim to operate by offering increasingly integrated, dynamic, functional, and digital software solutions “ahead of time” compared to others, so that Tour Operators, DMC, Agencies, TMC, Companies, and every operator in the industry can enjoy being the protagonist of the opportunities offered by the ongoing technological evolution, to enhance and make incredible the management experience of all operational phases of their work.

A challenge certainly “out of the ordinary”… that already tastes like an extraordinary result!

From the “travel package” to the simplest transportation booking, everything will go through new consumption systems capable of generating memorable and immersive experiences, both in terms of usability and consumption. This will determine a new conception of business models, new types of offerings in response to new trends, new development strategies that will inevitably bring new operational methods, increasingly technological because necessarily based on more complex IT infrastructures. Hence, the need to focus attention on the use of solutions capable of generating emotions, for one’s operators, for one’s clients, for the end customer. And emotion will be at the heart of the development of all industry business models and processes.

Today and in the future, the development of software applications for booking and managing travel will necessarily have to focus on designing experiences with strong emotional impact.

eMinds is the partner that possesses, in addition to the highest and most transversal technical and technological competencies, that factor of ‘Extraordinariness’ that will lead its clients to make a difference: the ability to offer solutions capable of making dreams come true, when everything else… will be real!

Discover what is changing in your industry.

Extraordinary performances for our Extraordinary clients.

Thanks to the continuous exchanges with the main industry players, we have always believed that software programming is based on the willingness to simplify and streamline the daily processes of those who are the first to use that software. Therefore, our systems analysts study, analyze, and design programs capable of offering a unique user experience. Today, in the face of “that” Vision that we see increasingly materializing, we work to build IT infrastructures that contribute to the creation of a new development model for the sector, thus promoting a true leap in innovation. We do this with passion, technical and technological capabilities, and by creating solutions that generate that “Extraordinary” emotional impact that we all would like to find, surprising us with every click!

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Our Talks

The Self Booking Tools
of Business Travel
Technologies, Innovation, Systems:
the Southern Factor
SBT nomination all'Italian Mission Awards 2019
Nuova integrazione di DMC
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The mobile evolution
of the eMinds platform
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Sector scenarios:
Tour Operator

The travel sector has long been subject to technological evolution. In recent years, software solutions have gradually aligned with the development of digital technology, offering smarter, more dynamic, and functional solutions to industry operators. Nevertheless, the path towards sector innovation is constantly evolving, and merely possessing exceptional software for functionality will no longer suffice. What will be rewarded is:

  • maximum adaptability of the infrastructure and extreme instantaneous dialogue with the network of Big Data from various sources
  • simplification of UI-UX to accompany operators in increasing their effectiveness and efficiency
  • emotionality in offering propositions, through a new strategy for presenting travel proposals
  • artificial Intelligence and integrated machine learning interface systems and conversational engines to govern the travel experience and manage perpetual improvements

in essence…

Imagine software that already knows what you need… imagine software capable of autonomously extracting the best answers to your requests for long-haul travel construction in seconds… and imagine software that can make your technological experience as an operator exceptional, simple, intuitive, and customizable to your needs. You have imagined e-minds software.

Sector scenarios:
Business Travel

The digital evolution shows no signs of slowing down: new horizons for integrating online and offline experiences, along with new needs of business travelers, will merge with the quest for contextually-driven experiences, also aimed at professional growth. Users of BT services are changing their travel habits, giving rise to increasingly populous segments and niches that demand responses.

Emerging realities such as “Makemydrivefun.com,” “CaselloTypico,” “PackPoint,” and many others are offering a clear expression of the desires of travelers, even for business purposes. Managing these phenomena and directing them towards something beneficial for both the company and the personal/professional growth of traveling workers or hospitality clients will be the winning challenge of the future for all BT operators.

It will be necessary to closely follow and provide valuable responses to the new trends and needs of the target audience by:

  • constant monitoring of changing phenomena and future BT needs
  • implementing smart solutions that allow for multi-level enjoyment in a simple and immediate way
  • creating an emotionally impactful booking process
  • nriching “business-travel extension” services for the benefit of both the company and the traveler

in essence…

Imagine simplifying the booking process for your business travels… imagine infusing your choices with emotions and expectations… imagine an efficient yet thrilling service. Just like us, imagine that business travel is a generator of experiences.