What makes a skill extraordinary?

Certainly its uniqueness when that skill is rare, but also its depth when that skill is widely spread. At eMinds, we work every year to ensure that our team’s skills constantly grow by embracing programming language in all its forms.

User interface, interaction design, integration of AI and machine learning protocols, thus become specialties, alongside deep and specialized knowledge of PHP, Java, and HTML code. The philosophy guiding these choices has always been the one that directs us towards stable, versatile development frameworks and environments, but above all capable of becoming a tool for crafting “extraordinary coding.”

We are the "custodians" of the code of these technologies

personal e-volution

Hard skills and soft skills, professional growth and personal growth: one is not possible without the other. That’s why all our staff periodically dedicates part of their work commitment to participating in courses dedicated to cross-functional skills. To date, the company has invested in over 200 hours of courses for the development of managerial skills for its resources.


What makes a skill extraordinary?

No training course can fully replace the lessons derived from direct experience. That’s why at eMinds, all resources periodically participate in events, fairs, and industry exhibitions annually, and directly engage with clients and travel operators: to stay closely connected to reality, understand evolving needs, and above all, develop that continuous vision which becomes an indispensable prerequisite for the constant improvement of our software.