We are the strategic partner
for every entity in the travel sector

We are the strategic partner
for every entity
in the travel sector

Extra Minds

We are an “extraordinary” IT Company… out of the ordinary because we are made up of a young, smart, and dynamic team, and ‘extraordinary’ minds with a strong innovative character. We are distinguished by our orientation towards challenges, flexibility to change, passion for travel, and we see behind the wonders of the world the code that governs them. We are at the forefront and highly specialized in developing high-impact technological solutions for the sector. We write software, but above all, we become the ideal partner to support successful entrepreneurial evolutions of Tour Operators, DMCs, Travel Agencies, and Companies. For us, the word ‘future’ means new opportunities and a desire to be there, as drivers and protagonists of the change that is happening.Scriviamo software, ma, soprattutto, diventiamo il partner ideale per supportare evoluzioni imprenditoriali di successo di Tour Operator, DMC, Agenzie Viaggi e Aziende. Per noi la parola “futuro” significa nuove opportunità e voglia di esserci, come driver e protagonisti del cambiamento che sta avvenendo.

A name, a symbol, a logo for a new story to tell
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Ordinary story, extraordinary telling

We tell you a story, partly still to be written. It's the story of those who, now 20 years ago, believed they
could contribute, in their own small way, to changing the world and above all, the travel sector.

It’s the story of those who set aside security to embark on a new adventure that had nothing of ‘certainty’. It’s the story of a newborn eMinds, where a team of perfectionists and code-loving developers began to bring to life advanced software in a sector that, at the time, had ample room for technological improvement. We were born 23 years ago as a tiny reality, driven by heart and a great ‘belief’, and it is precisely this that gave us the strength, courage, and tenacity to achieve numerous milestones. The first, among all: the creation in Italy of the first ‘itinerary builder’ software for Tour Operators. A tool that later spread throughout the sector but which saw its first light precisely thanks to us. Our timeline tells the extraordinariness that the awareness of what tomorrow would be allowed us to achieve: bringing to life new projects that, year after year, became the new growth tool, for us and for our Clients.

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That small group of individuals has now become a large group which, thanks to a strong shared belief and a common passion for developing software for the travel industry, has never stopped seeking, investigating, analyzing, and designing new services, enriching itself over time with an increasing number of ‘eMind’ figures.

What makes us Unique

Our areas of excellence

A dream and the desire to dream together; the longing to explore new market destinations,
risking to achieve every goal… always with joy and determination.

What makes us unique is our story itself. The story of those who understood from the very beginning the fundamental value of human relationships and individuals. That’s why our software is not only continuously upgraded, but also born from deep listening to the needs of our clients and the convergence of the most innovative technologies available at the time.

We combine:


Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence algorithms enabling structured dialogue and new streamlined models of software-user interaction.

We create:

In mode:

The "extraordinary" method

We are driven by a strong and deep-rooted passion for our work - coding - and for the continuous development of a managerial structure that has allowed us to grow day by day. We firmly believe that technology should always serve human relationships and that the use of structured processes is essential to enable the development of stable and secure software products. We operate with two methodologies in synergy to create value for our clients.

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Do you need extraordinary software?

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